There are few things that can rain on the exciting parade of ordering pizza and customizing your pie, but a car smashing into a pizza joint certainly is one of them. That’s exactly what happened on Friday October 14 when a Dodge Charger crashed into Sauce Buckhead just after 3 a.m.

The patio structure of the establishment was notably damaged, as windows, tables and chairs took the brunt of the hit. 

Surveillance video captured the driver sprinting away from the scene after collecting his belongings from the trunk of his car. 

It’s unknown whether Sauce Buckhead was open at the time of the incident, regardless, it’s fortunate that no one was injured. Remarkably, the establishment was back in business that Friday evening after tidying up the debris in short order.

Sauce Buckhead released a statement following the incident seeking the continued support of their patrons.

“This unfortunate accident caused significant damage to our newly installed patio dining area. We are equally as grateful that no one was hurt or injured in this incident…We are asking the great city of Atlanta, and our regular patrons to continue to support us and our staff as we rebuild and restore what’s been lost in this situation.” Via

At this juncture it doesn’t appear that the driver, who was wearing a green hoodie and gray shorts at the time of the accident, has been apprehended.

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