Here in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia, sports fans are gearing up for football season. We’re hopeful that the Falcons can put it together to make a run in the NFC South, and that our collegiate teams represent us well throughout the season. Despite the exciting action we’re sure to see on the field, a few high school football players made a life saving play that will be more memorable than any touchdown this season.

As the school day was about to begin on August 12, a car accident occurred right outside Rome High School where a car hit an SUV. Things escalated quickly–there was broken glass everywhere, the SUV started to emit smoke and fluid, and a 50-year-old woman was trapped and needed immediate assistance before her car caught fire.

That’s when Treyvon Adams, Tyson Brown, Antwion Carey, Alto Moore, Cesar Parker, and Messiah Daniels took action.

“The woman was leaning over into the passenger seat begging for help. She had blood on her face and was screaming,” said Adams. Via USA
The boys tried to open the passenger door with their collective strength, but remarkably, it wouldn’t budge. They ran to the driver’s side to try to get that door open before the situation worsened.

It wasn’t easy, but after about 30 seconds, they pried open the door and retrieved the woman from the deteriorating vehicle. They pulled her out of the car and carried her to a nearby grassy area. The rescue took place just in the nick of time, and because they saved her before the car caught fire, the woman was taken to a hospital for relatively minor injuries like cuts and bruises.

The young men that day were in the right place at the right time, reacted quickly, and did their best when it was needed most. Rafi Law Firm commends the football players, and reminds the public that we are here to work for anyone who is injured in a motor vehicle accident. We can be reached at (404) 800-9933.

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