Imagine heading to see a relative or pick up food when a massive truck in front of you catches fire as its barrels down the highway. It’s a storyline fit for a movie, but this actually happened on I-75 near Cleveland Avenue in downtown Atlanta on the morning of August 14.

Anyone who is out and about around that time knows that there is no shortage of traffic heading to work, especially on a Monday. The truck fire initially only blocked one lane, but the situation eventually caused all but one lane to be blocked right around 7 a.m. 

Fortunately, it didn’t appear as if the blaze caught on to anything else, including nearby cars or structures on the road. 

The fire completely engulfed the cab of the truck, which gave firefighters all they could handle as they tried to put out the inferno. 

It doesn’t appear as if there were any injuries as a result of the incident, and it has not been confirmed how many parties were in the truck that morning. 

At this point and time, it has not been determined what started the fire. 

This would qualify as an unforeseen circumstance for even the most savvy drivers, which is why it’s usually a good idea to leave some space between cars and the vehicle directly ahead. 

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