It’s human nature to try and get out of dodge when something bad happens, but many drivers don’t realize that speeding away is the very thing you do not want to do, for a couple of reasons.

If apprehended, a driver can be charged with not sticking around to discuss the events that took place with the police, which can add to a list of infractions that will make a legal situation even more sticky. 

Additionally, police have to consult witnesses and other types of video technology to positively identify individuals who fled the location of the accident. 

A crash on Interstate 285 in the very early morning hours of February 26 featured this exact scenario. Around 4 a.m. authorities responded to a crash involving multiple cars in the southbound lanes at Memorial Drive. 

As a result of the collision, two people ended up losing their lives, and one person is said to be dealing with serious injuries. 

It’s unclear how many vehicles were involved in the crash, but it has been reported that two of those cars did not remain at the accident scene. 

The DeKalb County police are actively investigating the circumstances around the crash, and encourage the public to share any information that may be relevant to this matter.

At this point in the proceedings, it’s also not known whether outside factors such as foreign substances were involved in the multi-car fender bender.

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