One of the most enjoyable moments of the day for animals and humans alike is a dog walk around the neighborhood. Canines tend to lose their minds(in a good way) when they see a person heading for the leash. It means that they’re going to get some fresh air, and make some paw-fect new friends if they run into any other dogs in the area.

Let’s not sleep on the value this has for our two-legged friends as well. There are many people who wouldn’t feel motivated to step out of the house if it weren’t for the needs of their furry friends, so this part of the day has redeeming health benefits for people as well.

Unfortunately, something tragic took place during the morning hours of January 7 during Veronica Miller’s dog walk that day.

Miller and the canine were at the intersection of Wooten Lake Road at Glenlake Parkway when a 1999 BMW 328i hit her when she tried to cross the street.

The 60 year-old died as a result of the collision with the vehicle, which was driven by 23 year-old Jack Fitzgerald. At this time, charges against Fitzgerald have not yet been filed.

Fitzgerald was not injured in the incident, nor was the dog being walked by Miller. It isn’t known at this time whether the dog belonged to Miller, or if she was walking it under some other arrangement.

In our line of work here at Rafi Law Firm, we’re exposed to all sorts of harrowing stories that take people a long time to recover from. This one hits especially hard, as being out with our pets is something that is personal, and that many of our readers can relate to personally.

We extend our condolences to Miller’s family and friends, and hope the dog finds a good home, if in fact Miller was its sole caretaker. Rafi Law Firm can be reached at (404) 800-9933 in case you or a loved one is injured in a motor vehicle accident.

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