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A serious injury can change your life. You may have trouble paying bills, finding medical care, or working to support your family. Rafi Law Firm can help. Your Norcross personal injury lawyer will work hard to pursue compensation to pay your medical bills, make up for lost wages, and more.

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Cases We Handle

Our legal team is ready to assist in the following personal injury areas:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck and back injuries

What should I do after being hurt?

Follow these steps if you’ve been hurt at work, on the road, or at a Norcross business:

  • Call 911. Ask for the police and an ambulance. The police will investigate the incident, and their report will be helpful to your insurance claim. Paramedics will evaluate you for injuries.
  • Gather evidence at the scene. Take plenty of photos and videos, and get witness contact information.
  • Visit Urgent Care or your primary care physician within a week of the incident. You’ll receive treatment for injuries that may have taken a few days to appear, and the medical record will provide evidence of your injuries and damages.
  • Maintain a record of your bills and expenses. Record your doctor’s notes and all bills related to the incident, including invoices for property repairs.
  • Arrange a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Norcross. The sooner you get in contact with a lawyer, the better.

Why do I need to go to the doctor?

Talking to a professional about your accident and allowing them to check for severe or invisible injuries is essential for various reasons. First things first, your safety and health are vital to get taken care of. Some injuries might not become apparent for days after the accident and could cause life-threatening issues. Generally, you should seek a doctor within 48 hours of an accident.

How long do I have to file a claim?

In Georgia, the general timeframe for taking legal action after an injury is two years from the date of the incident. However, exceptions apply: if the injured party is a minor, the statute of limitations may be postponed until they reach 18. This deadline could be as short as six months in cases involving a government vehicle.

It’s important to note that various cases have different deadlines, and we cannot definitively advise on the specific timeline for your case.

If you have questions about the statute of limitations, contact your Norcross personal injury lawyer for clarification.

What damages can I claim?

We can break down most recoverable damages into economic and non-economic (pain and suffering) damages.

Economic damages

Economic damages are the losses you can put a set number on. Generally, monetary damages come with a bill, invoice, or receipt and include things like:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Loss of wages due to injuries
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Property damage
  • Specialist treatment

Non-economic (pain and suffering) damages

Not all losses are strictly physical: Often, injured people experience damages related to their mental and emotional pain, too. These losses are known as “non-economic” or “pain and suffering” damages, which include things like:

  • Interference with everyday living or enjoyment of life
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Physical impairment
  • Fear and shock
  • Past and future actual pain and suffering
  • Past and future mental anguish
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What should I look for in an excellent personal injury attorney?

Selecting the best personal injury in Norcross is vital to a successful claim. Here are a few characteristics to help you choose the best attorney for your situation:

  • Experience with your specific injury
  • Successful track record
  • Reputation
  • Trial experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Personal compatibility

We’ll fight the insurance company to get you maximum compensation

Insurance companies are a pain to deal with in many personal injury claims. Georgia personal injury law clarifies that victims should receive total compensation for all that is lost. But, it is common for this not to always be the case when insurance companies get involved.

We negotiate with insurance companies and make it known that you deserve the compensation you require.

Who’s liable for my injury?

Determining who can be held accountable is important when we look at your case in more detail. We will look into a wide range of factors that play a role in determining liability.

Some of the most common parties responsible for injuries can be:

  • Other motorists
  • Property owners, managers, or landlords
  • Doctors or other medical professionals
  • Government entities

In each case, we look at all evidence and determine who is most at fault for your injuries. No matter who acted negligently, we work to ensure they’re held accountable.

How our injury attorneys prove liability

When you seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Norcross, proving the fault of another party is the main aim of your case. This is known as proving negligence. In all states, negligence means someone has caused another harm due to the failure to act responsibly.

Duty of care

Everyone must follow state and federal laws, act according to basic standards, and show “ordinary care” as a reasonable person would.

Breach of duty

A responsible party must have breached their duty of care for a personal injury claim to be brought up. This means the person failed to act in a way that an “ordinary” person would.


Also known as causation, this must be proven. There needs to be evidence that the person responsible acted unreasonably, directly causing injuries and losses. There cannot be any interference from outside factors.


Again, the victim must have injuries or losses caused by someone’s lack of care and recklessness. If there is a medical injury, property damage, or loss of income due to an accident, you will likely be able to collect compensation.

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What’s the personal injury lawsuit process?

The process does not vary much for most lawsuits, but Rafi Law Firm customizes the process further to meet all clients’ needs. Generally, you can expect the following process.

Contact the defendant(s)

Before anything else, we determine who is to blame. From there, we start by contacting them.

Gather evidence

Our team evaluates photographic evidence, speaks with all witnesses, and obtains more information to assist you better.

Negotiate out of court.

Our team will always try to file your claim as quickly as we receive it upon getting the needed evidence. We do our best to negotiate with the insurance company out of court so a settlement can be obtained quickly and compensation will be given.

Initiate court proceedings

If, on the off chance, we can’t agree and don’t settle, we will begin a trial and fight for your rights and compensation.

Why should I hire Rafi Law Firm?

It is worth having a trusted and award-winning team in a personal injury case. Rafi Law Firm has the technical knowledge and experience to deal with many personal injury cases. With a Norcross, GA, personal injury lawyer, your case will be treated with care and in capable hands.

Proving fault is the most crucial aspect of all legal cases. It will either make or break your claim. At Rafi Law Firm, we know how to prove negligence and ensure that the other party takes responsibility for the damages they have cost you.

You will often feel alone when you encounter hardships and losses due to someone’s lack of care. We understand that support is critical. We advocate for you and ensure you are back on your feet quickly.

Personal injury claims hold a strict deadline for filing and obtaining compensation. Mike Rafi and his team are expertly familiar with the legal process, meaning you will never miss a deadline for filing any parts of your claim.

Our hard work pays off for clients.

At Rafi Law Firm, our experience speaks for itself. We provide clients with the attention and exceptional results they deserve. Our skilled attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in losses for those seeking our services.

How much does it cost to hire a Norcross personal injury lawyer?

At Rafi Law Firm, our commitment to clients is reflected in our contingency fee structure and no-cost, no-obligation case consultations. You incur no fees unless and until we win your case. When we win, you owe a fee we agreed upon at the beginning of our relationship.

Our Norcross personal injury lawyers are here to help

No matter the type of personal injuries you sustain, your life can be seriously affected. Sometimes, you might be unable to work and continue life normally. And when it is because of someone else’s careless actions, it can make it worse.

At Rafi Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers are committed to working hard for you and your claim. If you wish to speak to a professional about your claim or injuries, you can contact us for a free consultation. Consult an experienced Norcross personal injury lawyer at (404) 800-9933.

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