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It may seem like a startling number: 4,400 deaths related to accidents with large trucks and buses. Unfortunately, it’s a fact according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Those fatalities occurred in 2016, along with 119,000 injuries.

As a Norcross truck accident lawyer, we know that victims have rights that need to be protected. We also believe that it is the duty of any Norcross truck accident attorney to protect the rights of these victims and to fight to hold the at-fault parties accountable.

Mike Rafi is a Norcross truck accident lawyer you can have confidence in. He knows that collisions between tractor trailers and passenger vehicles most often result in catastrophic injury and property damage. In fact, any Norcross truck accident lawyer knows that these accidents result in death more often than accidents of any other type.

As a trucking crash law firm, we know that financial difficulty often follows such severe wrecks. Medical care can drag on for months with devastating injuries, and time off work means lost wages. You and your family should not be dealing with financial difficulty for an accident that wasn’t your fault.

If you have been involved in an accident with a big rig, you need a Norcross tractor trailer accident lawyer on your side. You and your family deserve to be treated fairly by the law and the negligent party deserves to answer for their actions. Our commercial vehicle accident firm is here to make sure that you get what you deserve.

What You Need to Know About the Dangers of 18-Wheelers

Call them big rigs, semi trucks or 18-wheelers — no matter. A tractor trailer is a large and powerful vehicle. They are found on almost every roadway and highway in the country. Transporting the majority of the country’s cargo, they are imperative to a strong economy.

A tractor trailer is permitted to carry up to 80,000 pounds of cargo. Your vehicle only weighs between one and two tons. The size difference in these vehicles makes a collision with one devastating.

Semi-Truck Accidents in Norcross Happen for Typical Reasons

While every crash is certainly unique, semi trucks crash for common reasons. Most of these are human negligence and error.

Stopping Distance

A tractor trailer can’t stop on a dime. The weight of the vehicle causes the stopping distance to be approximately 500 feet. If you cut off a semi or a hazard appears before it without warning, the driver may not have enough time to stop.

Large Blind Spots

Unlike your vehicle, a semi truck has blind spots that surround the cab and trailer. These blind spots are called “no zones” and can extend across several lanes of traffic.

Improper Loading

Cargo can shift when it isn’t loaded properly. This shifting can cause a truck to drift from its lane or the trailer to tip over.

Driver Impairment

A driver may be impaired by alcohol or drugs, by fatigue or by a distraction. These men and women may have delayed reaction times which makes responding to dangerous situations more difficult.

How a Norcross Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, you need an experienced Georgia truck accident law firm on your side. We are a Norcross truck wreck lawyer with a stellar reputation in the community. We are known to hold at-fault drivers accountable for their behavior. Let us get to work for you.

We know that you may be facing financial difficulty and we don’t believe that this should factor into your decision to hire expert legal representation. We do not want to add to your burden. This is why your first consultation with our attorney will be held at no cost to you.

Reach out to our office today and schedule your appointment for a consultation. We will review the details of your Norcross truck accident and the damages you have suffered. Together, we will develop a strategy for securing the compensation you are entitled to by law. Do not feel as though you and your family are in this alone — we are here.

Call an Atlanta truck accident attorney today to take the first step toward recovery. We will be dedicated to your case from beginning to end.

Georgia Codes You Should Know

When it comes to truck accidents in Norcross, there are codes your trucking accident attorney knows are pertinent. These include:

  • 40-8-2: DPS safety rules authority, unsafe vehicles
  • 40-8-3: Load dragging on roadway
  • 40-8-7: Operating unsafe vehicle
  • 40-6-50(b): Driving in a median, gore, or emergency lane
  • 40-6-52(b): Improper lane use on multi-lane highways
  • 40-6-254: Unsecured loads
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