Lawrenceville Truck Accident Attorney

There were thousands of tractor trailer and bus accidents in 2016. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) there were more than 4,000 fatalities and over 100,000 injuries in these accidents. As a Lawrenceville truck accident lawyer, we believe that the at-fault drivers in these accidents and all that have followed deserve to be held accountable.

Our Lawrenceville truck accident attorneys believe in the rights of victims. We feel that it is the duty of every Lawrenceville truck accident lawyer to protect these rights and fight for the people who have suffered in truck accidents.

Mike Rafi is a Lawrenceville truck accident lawyer who has dedicated himself to the belief that victims deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. Attorney Rafi knows that the size difference between a commercial vehicle and a passenger car means that accidents between the two are catastrophic. As any Lawrenceville truck accident attorney is aware, these wrecks are more likely to cause fatalities than any other accident.

As a trucking crash law firm, we know that the devastation caused by these accidents can reach beyond injury and property damage. Lost wages, extended time off work and mounting bills can mean financial ruin.  We don’t believe that any family should be put through this.

If you have been involved in a wreck with a commercial vehicle, you need a Norcross tractor trailer accident lawyer fighting in your corner. You and your family deserve the dignity of a strong defense and a fair outcome. We will dedicate ourselves to making sure you have the best chance at compensation.


Tractor-Trailer Power

People call them big rigs, semi trucks and 18-wheelers. It doesn’t matter what you call them. By any name, these vehicles are 10 times more powerful than the average passenger car. This means that a wreck with a semi can be absolutely devastating.

A tractor trailer can carry up to 80,000 pounds. Your car may weigh only 2,000 pounds. The variance in size means that the damage to your vehicle will be much more severe than anything suffered by the truck. It also means that you stand more risk of injury and fatality than the operator of the larger vehicle.


Risk of Collision

As a Georgia truck accident lawyer, we know that there are different causes to semi truck accidents. Each is unique, but there are commonalities to the majority of these wrecks. One of those is negligence. Common causes to truck accidents include:

  • Driver Fatigue: Men and women are under pressure to get their cargo where it needs to be. This can cause sleepless nights and too-long shifts. Drivers who are too drowsy to operate their rigs put everyone at risk.
  • Driver Impairment: Drugs and alcohol can dull the senses. When a truck operator chooses to drive when they are not sober, they stand a chance of killing an innocent person sharing the road.
  • Long Braking Time: A truck’s weight means that it takes longer to come to a full stop than a vehicle. This means that a truck driver may not have adequate time to avoid a collision in all instances.
  • No Zones: Blind spots aren’t unusual to drivers, but the size of an 18-wheelers blind spots is larger than normal. They can extend over one or more lanes of traffic. Drivers in these areas are putting themselves at risk for accidents.


Discuss These Codes with Your Georgia Truck Accident Attorney

There are several laws in state code that may pertain to your accident. These include:


  • 40-8-2: Unsafe vehicles
  • 40-8-3: Load dragging on roadway
  • 40-8-7: Operating unsafe vehicle
  • 40-6-50(b): Driving in emergency lane, median, or gore
  • 40-6-52(b): Improper lane use on multi-lane highways
  • 40-6-254: Unsecured loads



How a Lawrenceville Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you have been hurt in a truck accident, you need a Georgia truck accident law firm you can count on. We are a Lawrenceville truck accident lawyer with a stellar reputation in the local criminal justice community. We are ready to hold the driver at-fault in your accident accountable for their actions.

We know that you may be facing financial difficulty in the aftermath of your collision. We do not want to add to your burden. That’s why your first consultation will be held at no cost to you. Additionally, we promise to be honest, stay in contact, and treat you with nothing but respect. You have our word.

Reach out to our office today to schedule your free case evaluation. We will investigate your case and speak to you at length about your accident. We will be up front and tell you if we believe that you have a successful case on your hands. You can trust the Rafi Law Firm.


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