Imagine sleeping peacefully in your bed in the middle of the night when you are suddenly awakened by a loud boom and a rumble. What would your thoughts turn to once your mind settled? It certainly wouldn’t be that a train had just hit your house, right?

That’s exactly what happened in an Atlanta neighborhood late last week. A man was asleep in his bed when he was startled awake. Though his house was rendered unlivable, the man was able to escape with only minor injuries. The cause? A train had derailed off of tracks near the man’s home and one of the cars struck his home.

According to reports, a train was pulling 191 railcars, 68 of which were loaded with dirt, rocks or sand. Nine of those cars came completely off the tracks and another five were partially derailed. It was unsure what had caused the train to jump the tracks, but CSX officials were on the scene investigating for possible causes.

Witnesses to the accident say that the man inside the home was lucky to be able to walk out. While the man’s house did not survive, the man himself did, and that is something to be grateful for.

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