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We are the lawyers’ personal injury law firm. 95% of cases we handle are referred to us by other lawyers. Lawyers trust us because of our proven results, skill, and communication. Lawyers in our referral network recognize they can share in the attorneys’ fees when they refer a case. We have helped recover more than $31 Million for clients, including a $6 Million policy-limits settlement, $2 Million policy-limits settlement, and $1.7 Million jury verdict in Fulton County. We have also been involved in a number of other multi-million-dollar settlements. Our wins have helped our referral partners obtain more than $5 Million.


Short-term benefits. When a lawyer refers a personal injury case, the referring lawyer may share in the attorney’s fee. As explained below, fee sharing is ethical and can be arranged in a number of ways. Referring cases can be an additional source of revenue for lawyers, which can supplement their incomes and help their practices grow.

Long-term benefits. When you connect a client with a lawyer who is qualified to handle their case, the client will be happy and appreciative. The client will know you are someone who puts his needs first, which will increase your credibility with the client and the likelihood the client will come back to you in the future, maybe even with a legal matter that is in your wheelhouse and you can handle. That client is also more likely to send family, friends, and others who need legal advice to you—now that you are his trusted advisor. By helping the client, you are growing your network and your business.

A client’s needs and interests should always be a lawyer’s first priority. In personal injury cases, a client needs to be paired with a lawyer who will give the client the best possible chance to win the case and maximize the recovery.

The days of a lawyer being an expert in every area of law are over—especially in personal injury cases. Personal injury clients need a lawyer who is an expert in both the liability side of the case and in the type of injuries suffered by the client. If a client had a brain injury, you would send the client to a neurologist, who specializes in the brain—you wouldn’t send the client to a podiatrist, who specializes in foot injuries, or even to a general practitioner. So, if a client has a personal injury matter, you should send the client to a personal injury lawyer who specializes in that kind of injury case. Referring cases allows clients to have a more qualified lawyer, and ultimately, better representation.

Not only do personal injury cases need personal injury lawyers, a personal injury case may ethically require a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer must have the legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness, and preparation needed for the case—if not, the lawyer may be in violation of ethical rules. Rule 1.1 of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct states:

A lawyer shall provide competent representation to a client. Competent representation as used in this Rule means that a lawyer shall not handle a matter which the lawyer knows or should know to be beyond the lawyer’s level of competence without associating another lawyer who the original lawyer reasonably believes to be competent to handle the matter in question. Competence requires the legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation reasonably necessary for the representation.

Comment 1B is also instructive:

In determining whether a lawyer employs the requisite knowledge and skill in a particular matter, relevant factors include the relative complexity and specialized nature of the matter, the lawyer’s general experience, the lawyer’s training and experience in the field in question, the preparation and study the lawyer is able to give the matter and whether it is feasible to refer the matter to, or associate or consult with, a lawyer of established competence in the field in question. In many instances, the required proficiency is that of a general practitioner. Expertise in a particular field of law may be required in some circumstances.

When considering whether to refer a personal injury case (or any case for that matter), it is always in the client’s best interest and the most reasonable ethical decision to refer the case to a lawyer who regularly handles those cases.


Attorney’s fees can be shared by attorneys, so long as each lawyer is jointly responsible for the matter, the client agrees to the fee division, and the total fee is reasonable. Georgia Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5(e) says as much:

A division of a fee between lawyers who are not in the same firm may be made only if:
1. The division is in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer or, by written agreement with the client, each lawyer assumes joint responsibility for the representation;
2. The client is advised of the share that each lawyer is to receive and does not object to the participation of all the lawyers involved; and
3. The total fee is reasonable.

Fees can be shared however the attorneys (with approval from the client) see fit—there is no ethical rule that mandates how fees must be split. So, the fee percentage a referring lawyer receives does not have to be in proportion to the amount of legal work the lawyer does on the case. Typically, a co-counsel’s only role is to keep a strong relationship with the client, which is vital for effective representation. Practically-speaking, a referring lawyer can receive 30%, 40%, or even 50% of the attorney’s fee without being actively involved in litigating the case.

Fee splits will be determined when you refer a case to Mike, and how a fee will be shared depends on the type and complexity of the case, as well as the chance of success. For instance, a fee-share could be something like this:

  1. The case will need to be litigated, so the fee agreement with the client calls for a 40% attorney fee
  2. The referring lawyer’s share is 40% of the attorney’s fee, so 16% of the total recovery
  3. For every $100,000 of total recovery, the referring attorney receives $16,000
A case referral typically goes like this:

  1. An injured person asks you for help and you naturally learn how the person was injured
  2. You contact Mike and tell him what you know, and Mike asks you to arrange a call or meeting with the injured person
  3. You put the injured person and Mike in contact with each other
  4. Mike investigates and evaluates the case and discusses with the client and you
  5. Mike “signs-up” the client and begins working on the case
  6. After a successful recovery, the client and you receive your shares of the recovery

For lawyers who do handle personal injury cases, many times the injured person is already “signed-up” as a client of the referring lawyer, and that is perfectly fine and may make the referral process even more efficient.

If you are involved in litigating the case, Mike has a system in place to share information, work together, and achieve results. If you are not involved in the litigation, Mike will keep you informed about case happenings and progress—referring lawyers, like Mike’s clients, are never in the dark about how the case is going.

When the case is over, Mike will disperse the client’s recovery and the referring attorney’s fee as soon as practicable.


We have recovered millions of dollars in a wide array of cases. We have helped recover more than $31 Million for clients and $5 Million for our referral partners. We recover more because of our simple and effective strategy—prepare each case for trial. As we successfully build a case, the deck becomes stacked against the defendant, and in turn, case value increases—so no matter if the case settles or goes to trial, we are able to maximize the result at each step in the process.

These are some of our recent Results:

  • $6 Million settlement in wrongful death case (2018)
  • $2 Million settlement for client who injured hand in defective machine (2017)
  • $1.7 Million jury verdict in Fulton County for client who was shot, plus $100,000 settlement with another defendant (2017)
  • $1.1 Million settlement for client injured at gas station in Tucker, Georgia (2018)
  • $1.1 Million settlement for client injured at factory (2017)
  • $1 Million settlement for client injured at Brookhaven, Georgia apartment complex (2017)

To see more Results, click here.

Your reputation and judgment is at risk any time you make a referral or recommendation—this is true whether you refer a personal injury case, recommend a painter, or suggest a restaurant. When a client has a positive experience because of your referral, the client will think positively of you; but, the opposite is also true. The safest way to ensure a positive outcome is to only refer clients to lawyers you trust.

Mike has gained the trust of his referral sources because of his training, knowledge, skills, and successes. Mike Rafi trained at one of the most prominent law firms in the world and defended fortune 500 companies. Mike then gained knowledge from one of the most successful personal injury lawyers in Atlanta. Mike has the skills to effectively represent clients at depositions, hearings, and trial—he is the most decorated advocate to graduate from the University of Georgia School of Law. Referring lawyers can trust that we will deliver.

I refer cases to Mike Rafi because he is the type of attorney I would want representing me if I found myself in need of a personal injury attorney.  He is smart, zealous, ethical, and extremely hard-working, and these attributes are reflected in the results he achieves for his clients. -Erik, family attorney

I do not hesitate to refer personal injury cases to Mike. He is a capable, aggressive, and experienced litigator.  For each case I refer, I have complete confidence he will produce a successful outcome. -Ben, intellectual property attorney

I send family, friends, and clients who have a personal injury case to Mike. I know Mike will do everything within his power to win the case. Mike’s dedication and work ethic is unmatched, and that is why he is successful when other lawyers aren’t. -Lindsay, civil defense attorney.

I had the privilege of working on several cases with Mike when we practiced law together. Mike was always thinking outside the box, looking for new ways to achieve the client’s objectives. He is sharp, creative, and devotes a lot of energy to each case, and that is why I refer cases to him. -Brian, civil defense attorney

When I get a personal injury call, the first thing I do is pick up the phone and call Mike. I know that Mike will immediately reach out to the client, investigate, analyze the case, and get back to the client. Ultimately, the primary reason I refer all my personal injury cases to Mike is because he makes me look good. -Ashley, family attorney

I highly recommend Mike Rafi. Mike is a terrific advocate and tireless worker for his clients. He is also great a communicator and keeps his clients informed and abreast of new developments in their case. I am confident in Mike’s abilities and skill and know that he takes care of his clients. -Duff, trusts and estates attorney

Mike Rafi is an excellent attorney and person. He’s an asset to the profession and his clients. I highly recommend the Rafi Law Firm. -Alex, personal injury attorney

One of the most focused and talented attorneys you could possibly work with. -Donald, civil defense attorney

Extremely talented, intelligent, hard-working, and an excellent communicator. -Jake, tax attorney

Mr. Rafi had a reputation in law school for being a tenacious advocate. He won more advocacy competitions than any other student at the University of Georgia School of Law. His record of success has continued as a trial lawyer. -Chris, personal injury attorney

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