$1.7 Million Dollar Jury Verdict In Fulton County

Rafi Law Firm obtained a $1,700,000 jury verdict in Fulton County State Court for a Client who was shot at an Atlanta gas [...]

Slips and Falls in a Business: Who Is Responsible?

A Federal Judge in Illinois recently found that a Hardee’s franchise may be liable for injuries suffered by a customer after she slipped [...]

Arrests Made After Shooting Death

Two arrests were made just before Halloween in connection with the shooting death of a Berry College student. Two teenagers are now facing [...]

What is Pain and Suffering Worth?

Under most circumstances, people who are wrongfully injured by others are entitled to receive “compensatory damages” from the wrongdoer.  In an injury case, [...]

Adjust Your Driving When You Adjust Your Clocks

Daylight Saving Time. It seems people either love it or hate it, with very few falling in between. We spring ahead in March [...]

Georgia’s Legal Climate

CNBC recently placed Georgia at number 2 in the nation in its annual Top States for Business rankings.  One of the factors for [...]

Man Killed by Car While Eating at Restaurant

You are sitting, minding your own business, eating your lunch in a neighborhood restaurant. All of a sudden, you hear a loud boom [...]

Rafi Law Firm Recovers $2,000,000 for Victim of Machine Malfunction in Product Liability Case

$2,000,000 settlement - the short story Our Client lost almost all of his right hand when a large industrial bread slicer turned on [...]

No Room For The Weary On The Road

Ever get tired or sleepy on the job? Ever “rest your eyes” while leaning back in your desk chair? If you haven’t, then [...]

Is the Minimum Enough?

In Georgia, drivers are required to maintain automobile liability insurance coverage in exchange for the privilege of driving on Georgia’s public roads and [...]

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