Download our “Go-To” Car Crash Complaint here2019-05-06T06:14:02-04:00

Hola amigos, Mike here:

If you are visiting this page, grrrrrreat (said in a Tony the Tiger voice)–that means you got our newsletter, read it, and want to see our car accident complaint… awesome!

To download our “Go-To” Car Crash Complaint, click here for the word version or click here for the PDF. I hope this helps you.

In each of our future newsletters I plan to attach something that we use to help our clients, which maybe you can use to help yours. For next time, I am thinking about sending our internal system for responding to discovery, which makes life around here so much less stressful. But, if you have a better idea, shoot me over an email ( or call me (cell: 404-823-2280).

And of course, please reach out if I can help you with anything; if you want to talk shop; or if you want to buy me a beer… that would be good too.

Last thing… if you hop over to LinkedIn and add/follow me, you can catch my daily tip of the day.

Happy lawyering.

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