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Car Accident Attorney in Marietta

When you are hurt in a car accident, remember that you have the right to work with a Marietta car accident lawyer who can help you seek the compensation you desperately need to recover.

No one expects a traffic accident, but there’s no question that you can’t forget about it after it happens. Major injuries, huge hospital bills, and the stress of not knowing how to pay for it all can weigh heavily on anyone.

Making matters worse, traffic injuries in Marietta have been dramatically on the rise in recent years. In Cobb County, where Marietta is located, there were just 7,940 injuries resulting from 23,597 crashes in 2013. But in 2017, there were 35,140 accidents resulting in 12,496 injuries and 53 tragic deaths.

Fortunately, those who have been involved in a serious car accident have legal rights. They can pursue compensation from insurance companies representing at-fault drivers as well as any other negligent parties. A third-party liability claim can help victims recover financially and medically after their accident. A successful injury claim can pay for medical bills and potentially other damages related to your accident, such as lost wages.

To explore your options for filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit against any negligent parties after your collision, talk to a Marietta car accident lawyer at Rafi Law Firm today. You can schedule an absolutely free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced attorney when you contact us now using our convenient form or call 404-948-3311.

How Your Marietta Car Accident Lawyers Will Help

In car accident cases, the plaintiff (the one suing the other driver) must prove that the other driver’s negligence caused their injuries and property damage. What does this mean? You must demonstrate the degree to which the other driver failed to exercise reasonable care to avoid the accident.

Every driver has a duty of care—or responsibility—to act in a way that doesn’t endanger others on the road. Georgia’s contributory negligence code, Georgia Code Section 51-12-33, establishes that if the plaintiff is partially at-fault for the accident, the courts will reduce their awarded damages by the percentage to which they were at fault. If you, as the plaintiff, are found to be more than 49% at-fault, you may not receive any compensation.

Mike Rafi
Personal Injury & Accident Lawyer

Hire a car accident lawyer as soon as possible to help you gather evidence, assess the amount of damages to claim in your lawsuit, and negotiate on your behalf with insurance claims adjusters. Mike Rafi can help you seek a favorable out-of-court settlement to get you the compensation you deserve.