In the city of Atlanta, a negligent security case may be settled out of court, provided certain criteria are met. When a plaintiff files a premises liability lawsuit of this type, the plaintiff will work to prove:

  1. The property owner had the duty to ensure the safety of the premises;
  2. The property owner breached that duty;
  3. The injury sustained by the victim was related to that breach; and,
  4. The victim suffered damages.

When a plaintiff is able to prove these elements, the case will be successful. Many of these cases are settled out of court, particularly when there is an adequate amount of proof. When the two sides decide to settle, a victim may be awarded compensation for:

Medical bills: this includes costs associated with the immediate and future treatment of the injury. It may also include the cost of employment training if the victim’s injuries make it impossible to return to their previous job.

Lost wages: if the injury sustained prevented the victim from working for any period of time, lost wages may be recovered.

Compensation for pain and suffering, loss of consortium (companionship) and other issues may be awarded or settled upon in certain cases. Even though a case may meet the criteria for a settlement, a victim should speak to an experienced attorney before accepting any settlement offer to be sure that the offer is fair. An attorney experienced in negligent security law can be of assistance in filing a lawsuit and negotiating a settlement.

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