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A sexual crime can occur anywhere and when you’re least expecting it. It could happen when you are completely relaxed and getting a massage, or when you’re at work and giving a massage. If you are a victim of sexual assault in a massage parlor, Rafi Law Firm is here to help.

We have extensive experience representing sexual assault victims in civil cases, which are separate from criminal cases and can result in monetary compensation for victims. To date, Mike Rafi has helped procure more than $45 million for his clients across Georgia. He fights for clients so that they can put the incident behind them and move forward with their lives in the most productive way possible.

Rafi Law Firm is 100% dedicated to personal injury cases, which means that all the focus is on assisting clients and recovering damages. As an experienced Atlanta sexual assault lawyer, Mike Rafi is known as one of the best lawyers in the entire state; Super Lawyers and Atlanta Magazine named him a Georgia Rising Star for three years in a row. He graduated with honors from the University of Georgia School of Law and worked at Troutman Sanders LLP, an international law firm with over 600 lawyers, before starting his own successful firm.

Now, he and his team are ready to work hard for you and resolve your case.

What is massage parlor sexual assault?

Massage parlor sexual assault is when a client or professional experiences unwanted sexual advances or contact in a massage parlor. Sexual assault could occur when a masseuse takes advantage of a client, or a client takes advantage of a masseuse.

Sexual assault could include:

  • Rape, which is sexual intercourse that happens despite one party’s objections
  • Forcible object penetration
  • Forcible sodomy
  • Unwanted sexual touching
  • Sexual contact with minors

In Georgia, sexual assault is punishable by one to 50 years in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. If the victim is under 16 years of age, the perpetrator could be sentenced to 25-50 years in prison and be required to register as a sex offender. If the victim is between 14 and 16 years old and the perpetrator is either 18 years old or within four years of the victim’s age, then this crime is classified as a misdemeanor.

When you are a victim of sexual assault, report it to police as quickly as possible. Take photographs of any injuries you have and damage to your clothes and other belongings. Do not shower or change your clothing. The perpetrator’s DNA might be present and this is important evidence. Wait until after you take a sexual assault forensic exam at the hospital.

Massage Parlor Sexual Assault is a Criminal and Civil Matter

A perpetrator could go to court for both criminal and civil charges. They may serve time and pay fines for their criminal charge, on top of having to compensate their victim following a civil case.

Rafi Law Firm handles civil cases. The responsible party could be ordered to pay you damages for things like:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Counseling

In your civil case, we will work to prove a preponderance of the evidence, which means we need to show a jury that what you have said is most likely true. In a criminal case, prosecutors must prove “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which is a much higher standard.

Get in touch with us as soon as possible after the sexual assault occurs. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to prove your case. Additionally, the statute of limitations in Georgia is two years for personal injury cases, so don’t let time run out, or else you may not be able to claim the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Sexual Abuse in a Massage Parlor Basics

How will Rafi Law Firm help?

Rafi Law Firm has years of experience helping sexual assault victims with their civil lawsuits. We will assist you with every aspect of your sexual assault in a massage parlor case, collecting evidence, determining the damages, figuring out the monetary value of the damages, negotiating with the defendant, and going to court.

We’ll work hard to get you the compensation you deserve during this difficult time. We’ve helped many victims like Antonio, who says, “Mike is very good at what he does. I was worried at first, but Mike made me believe in him with his persistence and his performance in my case. I would recommend Mike to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney. If he says something he will try his best to honor his word.”

Our Guarantee To You

Rafi Law Firm guarantees that we will:

  • Take the time to thoughtfully listen to what happened to you
  • Collect any evidence you are unable to retrieve
  • Correspond with the defendant so you don’t have to
  • Keep you in the loop at all times
  • Negotiate as much as you want us to so you get what you deserve
  • Only charge you if we can get you a settlement

We have recovered more than $45 million for clients and have been involved in numerous multimillion-dollar cases. In the past, we retrieved a $1.6 million settlement (policy limits) for a client hit by a car while walking his dog, an $800,000 settlement in a medical malpractice case, a $315,000 settlement for a client injured in a car crash, and a $275,000 settlement for a client who fell at a restaurant.

Remember that we cannot guarantee a certain outcome, but no matter what, we go for the highest settlement possible for our clients. We know that’s what you deserve.

Types of Sexual Assault in a Massage Parlor

We can help with various situations that might have occurred with your sexual assault during a massage.

You may have been on the table getting a massage when the masseuse touched your private area. You were caught off guard and left, reporting the incident right away.

You may have been working as a masseuse when a client moved your hand to their private area and instructed you to partake in a sexual act. You called your supervisor immediately to deal with the client.

You might have been getting a massage when the masseuse touched you with their private parts and instructed you to engage in a sexual act. You called for help.

Even if your case is different, we can help. We have assisted many victims of sexual assault and we know exactly what to do when it comes to demanding compensation.

Working With Rafi Law Firm on your Massage Therapist Sexual Abuse Case

Starting to work with Rafi Law Firm is safe and simple. You will schedule a free, no risk, zero-obligation consultation to discuss what happened. Everything you share will be completely confidential.

Then, we will let you know if we can help you and what course of action we would plan on taking. If you decide to work with us, you must share any evidence you have to back up your claim, including photographs and information about the incident, such as when and where it took place, the name of the masseuse (if you have it), the name of the supervisor you spoke to (if applicable), and your police records.

We’ll also ask if you have any witness statements or you saw any surveillance cameras in the massage parlor that may have caught part of what happened.

If you went to the hospital following the incident, we will need your medical records. Hopefully, you got a full-check up including the sexual assault forensic exam (also known as a rape kit), and followed the doctor’s orders.

If you were injured, it’s important to get treatment for as long as possible until you are healed. If you cannot afford treatment because you do not have insurance or your insurance won’t cover it, we can refer you to our network of providers who will take care of you.

Once you are ready to settle, we’ll contact the defendant, which could be the client, the masseuse, the massage parlor, and/or their insurance company, and negotiate a settlement with them. If you are not happy with your settlement, we may renegotiate for you. Upon an acceptable settlement award, we’ll take out our commission and the money due to the network of providers, if you went to them. The rest is yours.

Our settlement claims have ranged from $210,000 to $6 million. While no two cases are the same, we will fight to get you the settlement you deserve.

We always pledge to give you a fair, honest, and free consultation.

Contact Our Massage Parlor Sexual Abuse Lawyers Today

Rafi Law Firm is standing by and ready to help with your sexual assault in a massage parlor case. We offer 24/7 real-time assistance via our live chat, or you can call us at 404-800-9933. You can also fill out a contact form that will go directly to Mike. Since we know this is a sensitive situation, we will always be discrete about the details of your case.Remember: every consultation is free, and we’ll only work with you if we believe we can help. You won’t pay a penny unless we can settle and get you the fair amount you deserve. While we are working hard, you can focus on getting better and recovering from this traumatic incident.

Call us today at 404-948-3311 for assistance with your case. We look forward to hearing from you.

Massage Parlor Sexual Assault Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I’ve been sexually assaulted in a massage parlor?

If you have been sexually assaulted, contact the police and ensure you have a record on file of the incident. Go to the hospital immediately for a full sexual forensic examination and get the treatment you need. You may even choose to go directly to the hospital and have the police meet you there.

Once you are ready, call us for your free consultation to see what we can do for you.

What kind of damages can I claim in my sexual assault case?

If you needed medical treatment following the sexual assault, request compensation for your medical expenses. If you had to take off work to go to doctors’ appointments or deal with the trauma of what happened, you could claim lost wages as well.

We could also recover money for damaged personal belongings such as your clothing, a backpack, purse, or anything else you had on you that may have been ruined. Other damages may include emotional distress, pain and suffering, and the cost of counseling if you had to see a therapist.

Will I have to see the person who assaulted me?

Your lawyer will negotiate with the defendant so you don’t have to go through the pain of seeing the person who assaulted you. Instead, you can focus on getting better after your incident.

How will we stay in contact?

You can contact us initially on our website via our live chat or our contact form, or you can feel free to give us a call. Then, we’ll get in touch for your free consultation. You can let us know which method of communication you prefer, whether it’s email or the telephone.

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