There are several different road projects and Gwinnett County road closures currently underway. Some of these projects are more intensive than others, but due to the logistical confusion that’s almost always present on these sites, each one has the potential to cause (or contribute to) a serious crash.

Keep reading for more from our Gwinnett County car accident lawyer, and be safe whenever you approach a road closure.

gwinnett county road closures

Major road projects contributing to traffic accidents

Crash data is clear that in 2022 alone, Gwinnett County road conditions were less than ideal. There were a total of 384,527 crashes in Gwinnett County. Of those crashes, 1,844 of them were fatal. While Gwinnett County’s road maintenance is essential, it is no secret that road construction can lead to potentially hazardous road conditions. If you have been injured in a road construction car accident, our legal team at Rafi Law Firm can help you demand justice.

Road closures and upcoming road construction projects in Gwinnett County

Currently, there are several projects in Gwinnett County to be on the lookout for. How many of these are there? Where are they? This list intends to show you spots to look out for to avoid potential accidents.

Gwinnett County Road Maintenance at McGinnis Ferry Road at Satellite Boulevard

This project looks to install a pair of left-turning lanes as well as a new traffic signal at the intersection. Additionally, it will come with improvements for pedestrians and new curb and gutter drainage improvements. These improvements will be along Satellite Boulevard, where it intersects with McGinnis Ferry Road. The project is expected to be completed by the early portion of 2024.

Gwinnett County Road Repair at Peachtree Industrial Boulevard at Suwanee Dam Road

The roadwork taking place at this intersection includes adding a southbound through lane along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. In addition, the left turn lanes will be converted into dual left turn lanes along Suwanee Dam Road.

New turn signals will be installed at the intersection of Suwanee Dam Road and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. This road maintenance will also include side, gutter, and curb drainage improvements. This project is set to be finished in early 2024.

Gwinnett County Road Work at Thompson Mill Road Widening

Thompson Mill Road will undergo widening from a two-lane road into a four-lane roadway. There will be turning lanes from US23/SR13/Buford Highway to the west of Faith Industrial Drive. This project is expected to be completed by late 2023.

What are some upcoming Gwinnett County road construction projects?

In addition to the potential accident-prone hotspots that we have discussed above, there are several planned Gwinnett County road projects to be on the lookout for.

Peachtree Industrial Boulevard

This additional project at Peachtree Industrial Boulevard is for the addition of a new travel lane on the northbound side towards Northwood Parkway.

To accommodate this new lane, there will be additions of new curb, gutter, and drainage improvements along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. There will also be a new multi-use path added for pedestrians along this new lane. The project is set to begin in late fall of 2023.

Ridge Road at South Puckett Road Roundabout

This Gwinnett County road project will consist of constructing a new roundabout at the intersection of Ridge Road and South Puckett Road. There will be new sidewalks installed at the Ivy Creek Elementary School. As with most of the other road projects, new gutter and drainage systems will be installed as well. This project is also set to begin in late fall of 2023.

What should I do if I get in an accident at the site of road construction in Gwinnett County?

Here are the steps you should be prepared to take after a road construction site accident:

Trade insurance information

No matter the severity of your accident, it’s always a good idea to swap insurance information with the person who you’ve been in an accident with. This can help fund the repair cost for your vehicle as well as hold the person at fault responsible.

Notify law enforcement if the crash is severe

If you think someone on the scene of the accident could be injured or in immediate danger, then it’s always a safe bet to contact law enforcement and emergency services to make sure that everyone involved gets the immediate medical care that is necessary.

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