There are hundreds of apartment complexes in and around Atlanta and even more throughout Georgia; but unfortunately, there are many crimes at these complexes. In many circumstances, the apartment complex can be held liable—meaning civilly responsible and forced to pay money—to victims of violent crimes at their apartment complexes.

At Rafi Law Firm, our Atlanta negligent security lawyers have helped victims throughout the metro area and across the state recover compensation after they’ve been shot, stabbed, raped, sexually assaulted, or victimized at apartment complexes. If you’ve been the victim of a crime at an apartment complex, and you believe your apartment complex may have been negligent, call us at 404-800-1156 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Clearly, it’s vitally important for apartment complexes in from Atlanta to Decatur to Jonesboro and everywhere else to take all reasonable measures possible to protect their residents and legal visitors. Here are a few ways complex owners and managers can ensure they have adequate security:

1. Conduct Full Background Checks

Apartment complexes should conduct proper background checks on all potential tenants. Complexes should deny residency to anyone with a history of violent crimes. Otherwise, they may put other residents at risk of being the victim of an assault.

2. Surveillance Cameras

Though systems can be expensive, surveillance cameras are one of the best deterrents against crime at apartment complexes. Having cameras in parking lots and in any hallways leading to private residences can deter would-be criminals or, at the very least, help identify assailants after the fact. Potential criminals may be especially deterred if there is signage warning that cameras are in use.

3. Proper Lighting

Not having proper lighting in buildings, in parking lots, or in other areas of the property means there are dark places where assailants can attack residents without the risk of being seen. Apartment complexes in Atlanta can protect residents from assaults by ensuring all areas where people commonly walk or visit, such as the parking lot, mail center and dumpster, are well-lit at all times. Doorways and hallways should also be well-lit to deter assaults within buildings.

4. Parking Lots and Parking Garages with Gates and Arms

It’s not uncommon for Atlanta apartment complexes to have gates at the entrance or at the parking deck. But in many cases, that’s simply not enough. Gates tend to stay open for 30 seconds to a minute to prevent damage to vehicles. That is plenty of time for another vehicle to slip in without entering a code or using a key card. By using an arm that lowers after every vehicle, in addition to a gate, the risk of an intruder entering is dramatically decreased.

What Happens if Complexes Don’t Have Proper Security?

As mentioned before, apartment complexes have an obligation to provide adequate safety measures to protect their tenants from assault. If they don’t, they may be liable for failing to keep their residents and gusts safe under O.C.G.A. § 51-3-1. That means tenants and visitors who are assaulted because of inadequate security can potentially hold the complex accountable for their injuries.

However, many complexes and their management companies are including clauses within their tenant contracts that try to prevent tenants from suing the company in the event of an assault or other crime. That makes it much more difficult to hold complexes accountable for injuries caused by a crime. For that reason among others, it’s vital to speak with a negligent security lawyer in Atlanta if you get injured.

Speak with a Negligent Security Attorney in Atlanta Today

Apartment complexes and their management companies employ experienced lawyers to make sure they never have to pay a dime in negligent security cases. For that reason, it’s important to not try to fight against those companies on your own. Instead, you should speak with an Atlanta negligent security lawyer as soon as possible.

At Rafi Law Firm, our attorneys are well aware of the contract clauses and legal loopholes used by complexes to avoid being held accountable. We fight for our clients’ right to compensation, even if it means taking complexes and management companies to court. To get a free consultation with a negligent security company in Atlanta, call us at 404-800-1156 or contact us online today.

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