Our spinal cord is attached to the base of our brain, runs down our spine in a cage of vertebrae, and stops a bit above your hips. Groups of nerves send messages from all over your body to your brain, allowing for control of movement and the abilities to feel sensations. A spinal cord injury occurs when a sudden intense blow damages, shatters, or fractures the vertebrae.

A stab or gunshot can sever the spinal cord, as well as falls. One large factor of spinal cord injuries is alcohol use, with 25% of all spinal cord injuries involving alcohol. Inebriated people often make poor decisions, which can manifest themselves in drunk driving car accidents and reckless actions done in the name of leisure. Car accidents even in cases that do not involve alcohol contribute 35% of spinal cord injury accidents. Recreational sports also provide 9% of spinal cord injuries, particularly in the areas of high-touch sports like lacrosse and football, or sports like competitive diving.

An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to provide more information and advice if a spinal cord injury results from someone else’s actions.

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