Road rage is common, but there’s nothing normal about the severity of collisions this behavior often causes. But the truth is that getting angry and experiencing road rage will not speed up traffic. Instead, it will only put your and any other person’s life in danger while on the road.

If you have become a victim of a Gwinnett County road rage incident, you should consider contacting a Gwinnett County car accident lawyer at your earliest convenience to learn about your potential legal options.

gwinnett county road rage

What should I do if I’m in a collision with an angry or aggressive driver?

If you are driving around or through Gwinnett County and are involved in a car accident due to a driver’s road rage, you may be eligible to hold the driver accountable for the losses you suffered.

It is typically suggested that you do not confront or approach a driver who is angry and aggressive because this will only cause tensions to escalate further. However, if it is safe to do so, getting the driver’s name, insurance company information, contact details, and more is a good idea. If you cannot do this, you should wait for law enforcement officers to arrive at the scene to safely exchange information.

Many drivers have realized how dangerous and worrying road rage is and how quickly it can turn into a violent and deadly altercation that could have been avoided. However, some drivers are continuing to get behind the wheel and exhibit road rage regardless of the recent death that Gwinnett County experienced. That said, knowing and understanding what to do is important if you are involved in any type of road rage accident that causes serious injury or harm. Here is a list of five steps you should take:

  1. Get medical treatment as quickly as possible.
  2. Speak with a Gwinnett County car accident attorney.
  3. File a claim with the driver’s car insurance company.
  4. Collect evidence to support your side of the story.
  5. Be prepared that your case may go to trial.

You may have a wrongful death case if you lost a family member to a road rage shooting incident. To find out, speak with a lawyer who will listen to your experience, review your legal rights and options, and guide you in the right direction.

Road rage never ends well

Road rage shooting in Gwinnett County

According to a recent report by WSB-TV, an individual was shot and killed in a road rage incident in Gwinnett County. The shooting occurred in Lilburn, Georgia, around lunchtime in September 2023. The news article explains that both individuals in the two cars at an intersection began firing shots at one another. An innocent bystander was also shot and transported to a local hospital immediately during the shooting.

The driver was shot and killed by a 45-year-old man named Omar Cantillo Avila. The other uninjured driver, Luis Cruz, ended up turning himself in. He was charged with aggravated assault and murder, which are felony charges. At this time, the shooting is still under investigation.

Road rage incident in Gwinnett County

Road rage incidents happen too often in Gwinnett County and other counties around Georgia. Therefore, most people are aware of what these types of incidents consist of. Suppose you have never been involved in a road rage accident or experienced an encounter with an aggressive driver. In that case, certain behaviors usually indicate that a driver is angry, aggressive, or experiencing road rage, such as:

  • Tailgating
  • Beeping the horn
  • Speeding
  • Flashing lights
  • Waving hands
  • Yelling curse words
  • Cutting cars off
  • Slamming on brakes
  • Throwing items at your car
  • Waving or showing weapons out the window

Hurt in a road rage collision? Call a car accident lawyer now.

Road rage is traumatic and terrifying. You may not know what to do or how to get away from the angry driver, but it’s important to remain as calm as possible at the scene. Your attorney will investigate and look at every fact and detail of your case to determine if anyone else shares liability in your accident.

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