Although it can seem like a hassle, it is imperative to file a police report every time you are involved in a car accident. In some places, it is even a legal requirement. Due to financial constraints, sometimes people choose to handle the damages without contacting their insurance companies. Even in these cases, you need to report the accident to the police. It does not mean that a claim must be filed.

Filing a report ensures that the details of your accident are consistent and correct. At the scene of an accident, often times those involved are shaken up and unable to gather all of the details properly. Since you do not know what the others involved will decide to do after an accident, it is best to have a third party record the scene.

If any personal injuries or car damages show up after an accident, it is key to have a report filed so that you may be compensated accordingly. If there is no evidence of the accident with law enforcement, it may be impossible to deal with the damages. It will also provide protection if any legal problems arise after the accident.

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