A spinal cord injury can have devastating and permanent consequences. Despite incredible advances in the fields of prosthetics and in our understanding of nerve function, there is still no cure to reverse nerve damage caused by a spinal cord injury.

When an injury occurs, treatment begins immediately. The first actions taken by the response team to a spinal cord injury can have lasting effects on the overall recovery of the individual. The neck must immediately be immobilized to avoid further damage. Patients are sometimes sedated to help immobilize them. Medications like methylprednisolone can make a difference in the nerve ability retained by the individual who was in an accident.

Surgery is sometimes necessary to remove fractured bone or other debris, or to stabilize the spine and prevent further damage. Spinal cord injuries require a lengthy time to recuperate, followed by physical and occupational therapy to regain as many motor skills and life skills as possible, and to learn new ones to replace what skills have been lost.

If a spinal cord injury is caused by someone else’s actions, an Atlanta personal injury attorney may be able to provide more information about your legal options.

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