While most people know what a gun is by sight, some do not know that there are categories of firearms. These weapons are separated into categories, and then again by type. Having a general knowledge of weapons is a good idea for any private citizen.

Handguns are those that can be held in one hand. They are typically controlled with two hands, but can be shot with a single hand when necessary. These include revolvers, pistols, machine pistols and semiautomatic handguns.

Long guns, also called shoulder guns, are those that are rested against the shoulder for shooting accuracy. These include rifles and shotguns. Most people use these types of firearms for hunting and home protection. These weapons are also utilized by law enforcement, as are handguns.

There is a third category of firearms that are not typically owned by private citizens. These are larger machine guns that are rested on the ground or mounted on a stationary object. Firearms like these are most commonly used by law enforcement and the military.

No matter what type of firearm, all can cause devastating injury when not used properly. If a person is shot due to someone’s negligence or as part of a crime, they may be entitled to damages for their injuries. If you are a shooting victim in Atlanta, you may have the right to compensation. An experienced attorney can assist a victim in determining whether or not they have the elements necessary for a case, and can provide legal counsel for moving forward.

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