When a veteran sustains a traumatic brain injury, they may feel as though there is no help available. The family of the victim may not know where to turn for assistance. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) established a program several years ago to help these patients and their families.

Veterans who meet the criteria for the program are placed in private care facilities that specialize in these types of injuries and their rehabilitation. Programs offered include team-based approaches in which the patient has access to speech and physical therapies in addition to assistance with memory.

Private facilities who wish to participate in the program may receive funding from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. The program is currently effective through October 2017, and it is expected that it will be continued.

When a person sustains a traumatic brain injury, the consequences of that injury can be devastating both to the victim and their families. How quickly a person recovers will depend on a variety of factors, meaning that medical needs could last for weeks or for a lifetime. The costs of this care can be financially disastrous.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury in Atlanta and want to know whether you can hold someone financially responsible, reach out to a personal injury attorney. An attorney can review the details of the injury and advise a victim about their legal options and what steps to take.

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