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Most work-related accidents happen at factories, warehouses, construction sites, and other jobs where physical effort is required. But, the truth is, a workplace injury can occur anywhere, and at any time—all it takes is 1 fall, 1 defective product, or 1 negligent company or employee.

Worker’s Compensation Claim

Most people who are injured on the job think they can only recover through worker’s compensation, but often times, a personal injury case is an option. Worker’s compensation laws generally state that an injured worker cannot file a lawsuit directly against his employer for a injury at work. But, in many situations, the employer may not be solely or primarily responsible, and compensation is available against another party.

Filing a workplace injury lawsuit

The main reason you would want to file a personal injury lawsuit after a workplace injury is because you may be able to recover more than if you only made a worker’s compensation claim. In Georgia, you cannot recover for pain and suffering from worker’s compensation, but you can in a personal injury suit. Your lawyer should investigate whether you can file a personal injury claim so that you can receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Some important questions your lawyers should consider if you were injured on the job:
  • Where exactly where you injured?
  • Who owned the property where you were injured?
  • Who actually injured you?
  • Is your injury the result of a negligent or an intentional act?
  • Who is your actual employer?
  • What kind of employee are you?
  • Are you even an employee at all?
Mike Rafi knows how to get you the most compensation possible—including pain and suffering—if you have been injured at work. If you have been injured at work, contact Mike so he can start investigating immediately.
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