It is something that her family and friends had only hoped for after Emily Bowman suffered a traumatic brain injury: Moving forward with her life. Bowman will be taking on the runway at London Trading Company, taking part in a fashion show. The young woman may find herself surprised at just how much support she actually has.

On Friday, the woman will walk the catwalk in front of 400 people. She is one of 20 patients of Shepherd Center that will take part. Models will be walking or rolling down the catwalk in the latest fashions to the delight of a large audience in a show dubbed Project Rollway.

Bowman was struck by a drunk driver while walking with a group of friends in Athens four years ago. She was critically injured in the accident, suffering a traumatic brain injury that left her unable to care for herself. Immediately following the accident, Bowman had a feeding tube and was unable to communicate. In fact, she was unable to speak for more than a year.

The young woman was able to relearn how to provide for herself, and she learned how to speak again. She credits the team at Shepherd Center for her recovery. Bowman does not have to rely on her wheelchair as much as she once did, instead relying on a cane to help get her where she needs to go. Bowman is determined to walk the catwalk without the assistance of her cane. She has even practiced her supermodel wave.

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