A 10-year-old boy was shot and killed in an Atlanta accident on July 4. The accident occurred at the Rolling Bends Apartments in the northwest section of the city.

According to authorities, a group of unsupervised children were playing with a handgun. A man told police that immediately after the shooting, he was approached by several children asking for help. The children took the man to the boy’s body, telling him that the shooting had been an accident.

Investigators told reporters that they were still sorting out the details of the accident. There were multiple versions of what happened, making it difficult to determine exactly how the boy was shot. A police captain declined to provide any more information. It is known that the boy’s parents were not on scene.

Officials urge anyone who possesses a firearm in the home to be sure that it is secured in a locked safe. Experts suggest leaving the firearm unloaded and storing the ammunition separately from the weapon. If there is a gun in the home, it should not only be locked away, but out of the reach of children.

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