To slow the spread of the coronavirus, many Atlanta residents opted to stay home more often. Unfortunately, Atlanta truck accident statistics reveal that this didn’t deter the number of crash fatalities. 

An October 2020 traffic report from Georgia’s Department of Transportation (GDOT) showed that 1,202 people died on Georgia highways, an increase of two deaths from the same time in 2019. GDOT Commissioner Russel McMurry stated that high truck and car accident fatalities were a nationwide problem in 2020. 

Many believe that the decrease in traffic on highways and interstates caused people to speed more often than usual. Many also took advantage of the quiet and empty streets to drive recklessly and even street race. These types of dangerous activities gave way to a high number of accidents. 

Atlanta Car and Truck Accident Statistics

The Georgia Department of Transportation has not yet released their 2020 crash data findings. However, we can take the 2019 crash report as a cautionary tale of why it’s crucial that all Atlanta and Georgia drivers practice safe driving at all times, regardless of how many cars are on the road. 

  • Total crashes: 404,043
  • Fatal crash count: 1,491
  • Number of injuries: 147,225
  • Total fatalities: 1,584

Of the total fatal crash count, nearly 14% involved a large truck and nearly 34% of fatalities were occupants of a truck or other large vehicle. 37% of fatalities were occupants of passenger vehicles. Atlanta residents especially proved to be at risk on the roads as Fulton County accounted for 10% of the total number of fatalities in 2019, an increase from previous years. 

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, motor vehicle crashes continue to be a leading cause of injuries and deaths and the second leading cause of hospitalizations and trips to the ER in Georgia.

In particular, accidents involving trucks and other large vehicles continue to pose a serious threat to other motorists on the road. These accidents tend to be more deadly due to the sheer size and weight of these vehicles. When they’re involved in accidents with passenger vehicles, the passenger vehicle occupants are more likely to sustain serious injuries. 

Driving Tips for a Safer 2021

We can all do our part to keep the roads safe for all Georgia citizens. This is especially important as more people decide to venture outside of their homes. 

Drivers must practice cautious and defensive driving at all times. Here are some driving safety tips to keep our roads, highways, and interstates safe:

  • Eliminate distractions by turning cell phones on silent and refraining from eating and drinking while driving
  • Know when it’s time to call a ride after you’ve had too much to drink
  • Maintain proper distances from the vehicles in front of you
  • Exercise extreme caution when driving near large trucks such as semi-trucks
  • Take breaks while driving for long periods and ensure you’re getting plenty of sleep beforehand
  • Resist the temptation to speed no matter how empty or quiet the roads are 
  • Obey all traffic laws, especially near construction zones 

These tips may seem like they should be common knowledge. However, given the Atlanta truck accident statistics we’ve reviewed, it’s clear that all drivers need to commit to safe driving. These tips can prevent you from getting involved in an accident and they could even save a life. 

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