A woman was killed just two days before Christmas as she was on her way home from work in Gwinnett County. According to police, the woman was struck by a wrong-way driver who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. The man who has been charged in that accident has three prior drunk driving arrests.

According to witnesses, the woman was traveling in her lane when she was struck by a man driving on the wrong side of a divided highway. The man continued to drive after the first accident, striking a second car who had veered as far as they could have to avoid being struck.

The driver of the second vehicle hit was not injured. The wrong-way driver was taken to Gwinnett Medical Center where he was administered a breathalyzer test. Results came back as the man having a BAC of .175, more than twice the legal limit. A records check showed that the man had been arrested for DUI in Gwinnett three times in 2011: June, September and October.

The woman who was killed was pronounced dead at the scene. She was married and had three children. The wrong-way driver has been charged with DUI, driving on the wrong side of the road, reckless driving and first-degree vehicular homicide.

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