A terrifying accident involving a pickup truck’s wheel occurred on an Atlanta freeway on October 19, leaving one driver dead. The incident is being called a “freak accident” by reporters and authorities.

Reports indicate that a pickup truck was traveling on Georgia 400 when one of its wheels flew off. The wheel landed on the windshield of another vehicle that was traveling on the highway in the southbound lanes. The driver of that vehicle was killed as a result of the accident.

A Sandy Springs police officer said that the truck was traveling north on Georgia 400 at Pitts Road. For reasons unknown, the truck lost a wheel and tire. The tire flew over the wall and hit the vehicle in the southbound lane. The driver was the only passenger in the vehicle that was struck.

The pickup driver remained on scene until afternoon. He was interviewed by a local news affiliate on the scene of the accident. He said, “I was on the way to my job. I’m not drunk. I’m not driving fast. It was like a normal (day) trying to get to my job.”

The accident caused traffic to be backed up in both directions, causing congestion for morning commuters.

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