Join us on July 14th, 2022, at 9:30am EST for the latest edition of the Rafi Law Firm monthly webinar series.

What will be discussed

Whether your case is in pre-suit or it is the day before trial, negotiation tactics can be a critical aspect of your case. Join Mike Rafi as he shares his top tips and tricks for negotiation that he uses regularly in his practice. These methods have lead to the recovery of over $45 million for his clients.

Registration details

Rafi Law Firm holds our monthly webinars via Zoom so everyone can participate, no matter where you are. Attorneys of all practices, paralegals, medical professionals, and anyone who shares an interest for the topic are welcome to attend. We generally hold our webinars on the first Thursday of every month, but the dates often fluctuate depending on holidays and trial calendars. You can register for July’s Negotiation webinar here.

Benefits of joining via Zoom

Though all of our webinars are uploaded online afterward, only when watching live do you get the opportunity to directly ask Mike and any of his guests questions or clarifications, with answers being given on the spot. You’ll be the first to know all the helpful tips and tricks discussed.

What if I can’t make it?

We know that you are busy, or are maybe even reading after the webinar has finished. Don’t worry, there are still ways to get access to all of our helpful webinars. On the Rafi Law Firm YouTube channel, you will find recordings of entire past webinars and helpful tips and tricks. If the webinar mentions sending out any helpful drafts, templates, or documents, reach out to us any time to connect and we will be happy to send it over to you.

Want more webinar content?

Catch up on our past webinars on our YouTube channel. You can register for our next future webinar for August by clicking here.

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