The Georgia State Patrol is conducting an investigation into a motorcycle accident that occurred on June 26. Officers responded to the two-vehicle crash at about 6:15 a.m. near Palmetto. The accident happened at the intersection of Weldon Road and Highway 29.

According to reports, the accident involved a pickup truck and a motorcycle. The driver of the Ford F-250 was traveling south on the highway. The driver of the motorcycle was on the same highway traveling north. Each vehicle was trying to make it through the intersection on a yellow light.

The truck’s driver attempted a left turn, and the motorcycle struck the truck. The driver of the motorcycle was transported from the scene and taken to a nearby hospital. That driver lost his life as a result of his injuries. The driver of the pickup truck did not sustain any injuries. Troopers do not believe that alcohol or drugs were a factor in the accident.

No charges had been filed at the time of the accident report as officials from the department are still investigating the incident. Drivers of any vehicle are urged that a yellow light is a cautionary one, and drivers should not speed up in an attempt to “beat it.” Drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks are also asked to be on the lookout for motorcycles. These vehicles offer far less protection than others on the road and injuries sustained in accidents can be severe or, as in this case, fatal.

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