When hiring an attorney, it is important to get to know the faces behind the names. Some law firms have hundreds of attorneys. At Rafi Law Firm, our smaller team means that we have the ability to be selective in our representation and will dedicate personal, one-on-one attention to each case we take. Our attorneys have a proven history of obtaining substantial and life-changing results for our clients.

Mike Rafi

Mike Rafi is both an attorney and the owner of Rafi Law Firm. Mr. Rafi got his start at an international law firm with over 600 attorneys. While there, Mike was recognized for his passion for fighting on behalf of low-income individuals who were being taken advantage of by landlords. He translated the experience gained here to launch his own firm. A graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law, the state of Georgia is close to his heart and Mike dedicates his time to fighting for justice for injured Georgians. Mike has also been recognized every year from 2016 to 2022 by SuperLawyers, which reserves this honor only for the top 2.5% of lawyers in Georgia. Because of his expertise, Mike also frequently publishes articles in legal publications such as The Verdict and has been featured as a guest commentator on national news.

Chris Stokes

Like Mike, Chris Stokes is also a graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law. Chris specializes in wrongful death cases and other cases involving catastrophic injury. These types of cases are often caused by truck crashes, car accidents, and negligent security. One recent and notable case that Chris worked on involved a dispute over an apartment complex shooting that lead to a $3 million settlement. Mr. Stokes also extends his expertise to other types of victims, including those who endure sexual assault and gun violence. His background also comes from previous defense experience; he shifted career directions upon witnessing the way that insurance companies treat those who are injured and now works to demand justice for them. Chris is an active member in legal circles and is a board member of several local legal organizations.


Alex Brown

Alex Brown is a seasoned attorney with years of experience representing injured parties in car accidents. With over seven years of experience at one of the largest personal injury firms, Alex was proud to become a member of Rafi Law Firm. In his previous position, he was tasked with overseeing the opening of three new branches of the firm and was a valuable asset to their team, just like how he is a valuable asset to this firm now. Though he has roots in both Alabama and Florida, Alex is honored to represent injured Georgians. One area that Mr. Brown is passionate about is his drive to take on complex cases that other attorneys may shy away from. Alex retains his State Bar memberships in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.


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