Most workplace injuries are settled through Worker’s Compensation, which is a form of insurance that employers keep on their workforce. However, there are a handful of other circumstances where an individual who has been injured on the jobsite could seek damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

One example of this is if you are injured by defective equipment, such as a machine in a factory that fails to operate the way it’s supposed to. In some states, you can sue your employer if he or she intentionally harms you or acts negligently to cause your injury. If your employer does not carry a Worker’s Compensation policy, a civil suit may be the only option you have to seek monetary damages. Lastly, if you are hurt while working by a third party, you may be entitled to both worker’s compensation and to seek a personal injury lawsuit against the third party who caused your injury.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can provide more information regarding the elements of a workplace injury lawsuit.

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