Research shows that apartments may be up to 85% more likely to be broken into than houses. While an apartment complex may look nice and safe from the outside (and even the inside of the units), in reality, it may not be that safe. Here are some things that you should do before you move in that you may not have considered:

Go to the complex at night

The majority of violent crimes at apartment complexes happens at night or during the early morning hours. Just a few days ago, a person was shot and killed at an apartment complex in Lithonia, Georgia. Crime is generally at its lowest when the leasing office is open and staff are on the property—this is also the time when you, as a future resident, would be visiting. So, go to the complex at night (a weekend night is best), and see what is going on there.

Talk to police

More than anyone, police know which complexes are safe and which are not. First, police are the ones that investigate crimes. Second, police are in responsible for helping to prevent crimes. Third, police are not trying to sell you anything—so their advice can be trusted. For example, if you were considering moving to the Eastgate Apartments in Newnan, Georgia and asked police whether the complex is safe, officers would probably tell you about a recent gang-related shooting there.

Use crime-data websites

There are many websites dedicated to showing crime data and statistics in neighborhoods. Spend a few minutes checking out these sites: breaks down crime by neighborhood. You can search by crime types, crime location, and area. Some data is free, but you can obtain a lot more information by getting a subscription. s a great site for local crime information.

City Protect lets you compare neighborhoods to tell which is safer. This site also has very recent crime data and a helpful map that uses easy-to-understand icons to display crime. gathers information from various state sex offender registries, so you can see who is living in certain communities. If you sign up for a free subscription, you can create notifications to alert you if a convicted sex offender moves into your neighborhood.

Click here for more apartment safety tips.

What to do if you are a victim of crime at an apartment complex

If you are injured at an apartment complex contact police immediately. Crime victims have rights under the criminal justice system, where the perpetrator can end up in jail, and also the civil justice system, where the victim may be able to recover money from those at fault.

Apartment complex owners, management companies, security companies, and others involved in operating an apartment complex can all be responsible for allowing crime to happen at an apartment complex. Civil cases against these companies are called negligent security cases. The Rafi Law Firm has helped victims of shootings, rapes, sexual assaults, and stabbing recover from apartment complex owners and operators that have failed to keep properties reasonably safe.

If you are a crime victim, contact us so we can immediately start investigating your negligent security case.

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