Most of us love our UPS workers, especially this time of year. It seems as though most UPS employees enjoy their jobs. We tend to think of these men and women as safe as they drive their trucks through our cities, delivering much awaited packages.

UPS drivers aren’t the only employees of the company. Thousands work behind the scenes, unloading deliveries and then packing them neatly onto the familiar brown trucks. Sadly, it was one of these people that lost their life in DeKalb County on December 15.

According to reports, the accident occurred at the UPS center on Pleasantdale Road. The worker, a 48-year-old man, stepped off of a loading dock and onto the ground. He stood between the dock’s door and a trailer while a truck was backing up. The truck driver could not see the man and did not realize he had struck him until after the incident.

The employee was rushed to a local hospital with critical injuries and later passed away. Police did not indicate whether there would be any charges filed in the incident. It is presumed that this was a terrible tragedy and not a criminal act.

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