A Georgia woman was arrested and placed behind bars after slamming her vehicle into a truck carrying chickens. When asked why she had caused the accident, the woman told law enforcement officers that she rammed her vehicle into the truck because she is vegan.

According to reports, a truck was traveling west on Highway 72. The truck was hit by a red car, causing the truck driver to hit the brakes. The car then rammed the truck a second time, causing the font of the truck to spin. The truck driver called 911 as he watched the red car flee the scene. The truck driver was able to provide a basic description of the person who hit him: a woman with red hair.

Officers responded to the scene. With a basic description, the woman would have been hard to find. Luckily for the truck driver, the woman left something behind as she fled the scene: Her license plate. Officers responded to the woman’s home which she refused to leave without a warrant. The woman did speak with officers through windows of her home. She admitted to officers that she had been in an accident and fled the scene.

The woman then told officers that she hit the truck because it was carrying chickens and she was a vegan. She said that she had been driving home from work, but that once she arrived home from the accident, she may have had alcohol. Officers were forced to obtain a warrant before the woman would comply with their orders to leave her home.

Once taken into custody, the woman was administered a Breathalyzer test. She blew a .089.

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