If you have had the opportunity to drive down Bob Smith Road recently, you may have seen a wrecked pickup truck sitting in the front yard. The truck belongs to two teenagers and, at first glance, one may believe that their parents put the truck in the yard after an accident to teach other teens a lesson. This isn’t the case.

According to news reports, the boys parked the truck at their home and went inside for the evening. Some time before midnight, the truck was stolen. The boys later found out that the truck had been involved in a serious accident just an hour after being stolen. The accident occurred approximately four miles from the boys’ home. The driver hit a tree and broke his leg.

The boys handled the news of their wrecked truck better than their parents did. It was their mother who decided to display the wrecked vehicle in the front yard. It is, according to the woman, a reminder to neighbors to stay vigilant.

During the first days of the display, fire officials stopped at the wreckage, assuming it was new. The woman had to explain the story, and officials advised her it would be safer to place a tarp over the wreckage and a sign nearby. The truck sat in the front yard for several days, drawing the attention of neighbors and passersby. The truck has since been towed to salvage.

The wreck has also been a life lesson for the boys. After news of the destroyed truck made headlines, people wanted to set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for a new vehicle for the pair. No thanks, said mom. A vehicle, according to her, is a want, not a need. If people want to donate money, she hopes they will find better causes to support.

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