Traffic lights are important safety features used to control the movement of traffic. They help Atlanta traffic flow smoothly and keep drivers safe. If a driver does not know what to do when a traffic light is out, they can cause an accident that requires the help of an Atlanta car accident attorney.

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What do you do when traffic lights are out?

When traffic lights at an intersection are out, you must follow the state’s right-of-way rules for vehicles approaching or entering an intersection. What you do when a traffic light is out depends on whether the light is flashing. Here is an overview of what you should do if you are at an intersection and a traffic light is out:

If the light is flashing red

If you approach an intersection with a malfunctioning traffic light, but it is flashing red, you must first come to a complete stop. This would work as if you were at a properly working red traffic light. If another vehicle approaches the intersection at the same time as you, the rules are the same as if you were at a four-way stop, in which case the car to your right has the right of way.

Similarly, drivers at the intersection who are turning left must yield to those who are going straight. When it is your turn to proceed, travel through the intersection carefully because other drivers may not know the rules regarding traffic light outages. Also, as always, you must yield to pedestrians who may also be traveling through the intersection.

If the light is flashing yellow

If the light is flashing yellow as you approach the intersection with lights that are not correctly working, you can safely proceed through the intersection only after you take specific steps. First, you must slow down and approach with caution. Then, you must watch for other drivers and pedestrians.

If the light is entirely out and not flashing

If the traffic light is out at the intersection and is not flashing, you must treat the intersection as you would a four-way stop. Come to a complete stop, yield to any vehicles to your right, and proceed cautiously. As always, you must also yield to any pedestrians entering the intersection.

If another driver does not know the rules for proceeding through an intersection with traffic lights that are not working, they can cause an accident. Determining who is at fault for an accident when traffic lights are not working can be difficult. If you were injured in a collision due to a traffic light outage, contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer at Rafi Law Firm as soon as possible.

Who do you call when traffic lights are out?

To report a traffic signal outage in Georgia, you should first call 5-1-1 to report the traffic light that is out. In Atlanta, you can call 3-1-1 or visit ATL311 to report a non-emergency traffic light repair. If you were involved in an accident because of a malfunctioning traffic light, you should contact the police and request an accident report. The next call you should make is to a car accident attorney in Atlanta who can help you recover monetary compensation from the party responsible for your accident.

Where should you turn for help after an accident caused by a traffic light that is out?

If you have suffered injuries from an accident caused by a traffic light that is out, you may have the right to file a lawsuit against the liable party. Call a personal injury lawyer at Rafi Law Firm as soon as possible after your accident at (404) 800-9933 for a free consultation to discuss your accident. Founding attorney Mike Rafi and his team can review the circumstances of your collision, determine who is liable, and fight for compensation for your injuries.

If you have been injured by another party and need representation by a legal team that will fight hard for you, call Rafi Law Firm today for a free consultation at 404-800-9933.