Being involved in an accident with a Semi Truck has some major differences from a normal car accident. The process of dealing with the crash is different, therefore it is important to be aware of these distinctions.


  • Bigger Insurance Policies. Due to the fact that collisions with commercial trucks can often be more dangerous than a normal accident, their insurance policies are worth up to 50 times more than a passenger vehicle’s policy. Because of this, carriers will try to find a way out of liability in some instances. You must carefully document the facts of the accident, and find an experienced lawyer to ensure you are fully compensated for any damages that come from a truck accident.
  • Different Regulations. Determining liability and causes of semi truck accidents can be complicated, because trucking companies are required to adhere to several regulations not necessary for passenger vehicles. These can include maintenance, special licenses, consistent inspections, etc.
  • Higher Damage and Injury. Because of the size and weight of commercial trucks, the stakes are raised when an accident occurs. Often times these crashes cause large amounts of vehicle damage, and devastating injuries. Such injuries can include whiplash, back problems, broken bones, brain injuries, and in severe cases, death. Because of this, medical bills are often much higher after accidents with trucks, which is why it is imperative that the accident is properly reported.



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