Filing a truck accident claim is the proper legal filing a truck accident claim in lawyer officecourse of action to obtain compensation from the legally liable party.  A claim helps you to make demands for expenses and damages, such as medical bills, emergency treatments, hospitalization, therapies, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

After investigating and collecting evidence and sending the injury demand letter with your lawyer, you’ll take part in moving to the next phase in settling your case, which includes negotiations and/or trial. In addition to taking part in this next phase, you’ll need to make sure to only discuss any legal matters with your lawyer.

Here’s what you and your lawyer’s next steps look like after filing a truck accident claim.


After completing the initial steps of your case and filing a truck accident claim, the offending truck company and their insurance company can proceed in a few ways. They can accept the demands that you’ve placed in your injury demand letter, negotiate the terms of the demands, or proceed to trial.

Negotiations outside of court are ideal. They are a cost-effective and more peaceful way to resolve your case. They can be quick or take an extensive period of time, depending on the case. 

Your lawyer will guide you through negotiations and discuss the negotiations throughout the process. Together, you will decide on any next steps moving forward.


In truck accident cases when the plaintiff and the defendant can’t reach a settlement based on negotiations, both parties will have to proceed to trial. This can be due to disagreeing on the demands or simply not getting a response from the truck company or its insurance provider. However, most truck accident cases do not go to trial and it’s important to remember that truck accidents and car accidents are very different in how they are handled from both a legal standpoint, and a liability one. Sometimes having to figure out exactly who was liable for your truck accident case is enough to send it to trial. 

If a trial is in the cards, you and your lawyer will file a legal complaint with the local court. You will take part in another discovery phase, where both parties reveal all evidence, case details, and beyond before moving to court. If things still can’t be settled, a judge or jury will reach a settlement for you in court. 

Every step of the way, your lawyer and legal team will communicate with you to plan out and take your next best steps. Together, you will move through these phases to reach the best resolution possible.

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