when to see doctor after truck accidentTruck accidents have effects that can be catastrophic. Unlike car accidents, truck accidents are more likely to result in death or fatal injuries due to the size and weight of trucks. Statistics from the National Institute of Traffic and Highway Safety show that truck crash injuries accounted for 8% of all fatal crashes, and 72% of people killed in crashes involving large trucks were passengers in other vehicles. 

Seek Medical Attention Immediately Following a Truck Accident

After a truck accident, injuries could be hidden or not immediately noticed, so it should be your top priority to seek medical attention right away. Delay in seeking medical attention can result in reduced compensation during your trial. One of your most important tasks is to immediately see a doctor after a truck accident. 

Why Seek Medical Attention Immediately?

Seeking medical attention immediately after the accident, no matter how minor the injuries are, is always the best course of action. It helps you secure medical documentation of any injuries that can be claimed from the truck accident. During your personal injury trial, medical documentation is used as evidence to claim compensation for your medical bills, loss of personal items, or even rehabilitation. 

Truck accidents can cause severe trauma, both physically and mentally, and you do not want any injuries to go unnoticed or untreated. In the best-case scenario of seeing your doctor after your truck accident, will be a report no injuries present, but this cannot be done by your judgment alone. 

Common “Invisible” Injuries from Truck Accidents 

Injuries from truck accidents can include traumatic brain injuries, whiplash, and emotional stress/psychological injuries like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). To treat any of these conditions properly or ensure you don’t have any of them, it’s best to seek medical attention at all costs. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Also known as closed brain injuries, the brain becomes traumatized or severely damaged but shows no visible or external wounds. A large number of truck accident victims die or suffer long-term health challenges due to TBI. 


Whiplash is a soft-tissue injury to the vertebrae. It occurs when there is a sudden jerking out of place resulting in sprain or strain on the misaligned vertebrae. Symptoms such as frequent headaches, dizziness, and neck or jaw pain are common after whiplash. This injury often requires long hours of therapy and sometimes a few weeks for treatment, which you can be compensated for during trial.

Emotional Stress/Psychological Injuries

Phobias, PTSD, and insomnia are often psychological side effects of a traumatic truck accident. These injuries often result in long-standing challenges if not treated with therapy. There are severe reports of people who develop a phobia of driving or riding in cars after an accident.

In addition to common unseen injuries like these, more noticeable injuries like spinal injuries, knee injuries, and more are possible consequences of being in a truck accident. 

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