55-year-old Will Jackson was hit by a car in his wheelchair on Rainbow Drive off Candler Road. The incident happened in DeKalb County on February 9.

It’s been determined that a white sedan hit Jackson, but the identity of the driver has yet to be determined, as the vehicle sped away after the collision.

LaTarcha Jackson, Will’s sister, said that he’s in the hospital recovering from a fractured clavicle and broken ribs on his right side. She told him he should return to health in about 7-10 weeks. 

“If it wasn’t for his motorized wheelchair, aka his Cadillac…it pretty much saved his life,” LaTarcha Jackson said. Via Fox5Atlanta.com.

Will Jackson is no stranger to the area, as LaTarcha confirmed that her brother travels via wheelchair on the road all the time.

The investigation remains ongoing, as the DeKalb County police department is collaborating with local businesses to obtain surveillance that will help identify the driver.

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