On the afternoon of February 10, authorities were searching for culprits involved in a chain of car break-ins.

Police successfully located the four suspects at the parking lot of The Mall at Stonecrest. They approached the group and were in the process of handcuffing them when one of them ran back to the vehicle and sped away. 

This began a 12-mile high-speed pursuit as police tracked down the getaway car. The vehicle was zooming east on Rockbridge Road but lost control as it came down the hill, smashing into a power pole on the corner of South Deshon Road.

“I heard it hit the pole and the pole snapped, and electricity started jumping everywhere,” said witness Keith Robinson. Via Fox5Atlanta.com.

In addition to the zapping display described, the crash also brought down traffic lights in the area, as well as being the impetus for power loss affecting about 100 local customers.

If this wasn’t enough, these events also sparked a fire in the grass in front of a McDonald’s.

“Man, I have been here for 30 years and I have never seen a wreck this bad over here in this neighborhood at all,” said witness Adrian Lane. Via Fox5Atlanta.com

The suspect’s car would eventually come to rest in front of a QuikTrip gas station, where he was eventually apprehended by police.

As the investigation remains ongoing, it’s unclear as to what the other three suspects will be charged with, and whether any new charges will be added to the fourth suspect’s ledger who tried to flee.

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