Imagine yourself driving on Interstate 285 near Jonesboro Road in the morning hours of July 5. That’s not too much to envision, considering that many people needed to get back to work after the conclusion of the holiday. 

Let’s add a little more color to the picture. What would you think if Interstate 285 was completely covered with cheese as you headed towards the exit? Would you slow down to try and identify the type of cheese plastered on the roadway? Would you pull over on the shoulder to take a picture for social media?

These are questions that most of us will never actually have to answer, but a stretch of Interstate 285 was actually covered in cheese during the morning commute. This occurred because of a collision involving a semi-truck carrying cheese, and a fire truck.

Unfortunately, the incident injured three firefighters in the latter vehicle. Luckily, reports indicate they are expected to make a full recovery. 

The incident took place as the fire truck was dispatched to respond to an emergency in the area. It appears as if the fire truck involved in the accident was not the only one sent to the location where assistance was needed, which meant that its involvement with the cheese truck was not prohibitive in the department’s ability to respond to the call.

The road was shut down shortly after the cheese toppled onto the pavement, as crews responded to clean up the scene. It seems as if the occupant(s) of the semi-truck carrying cheese were not injured. It’s unclear how much product the semi-truck was carrying.

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