A U-turn is sometimes seen as a godsend for those who’ve found themselves traveling in the wrong direction or that they’ve missed their turn or destination because it’s a quick and efficient way to correct their course.

However, a few things can go wrong with a U-turn that might make a safe maneuver dangerous. Before initiating the turn, drivers must ensure that there isn’t any traffic behind them or coming from the other direction. It’s a maneuver that is best accomplished when no one is around, but sometimes you can’t wait that long.

Unfortunately, on September 26, Carlos Torres’ U-turn didn’t quite go as planned when he turned his 2001 Honda Prelude around at the intersection of Cobb Parkway and Canton Road Connector, he struck a 2021 GMC Sierra.

Both vehicles sustained extensive damage and the people inside both vehicles were hurt. 26-year-old Sheila Hernandez drove the Sierra accompanied by passengers Jose Ortiz and Maria Ortiz, 64 and 63 years old respectively. All three persons inside the Sierra and Torres were transported to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital for serious injuries.

Sadly, Jose Ortiz was unable to overcome his injuries and passed away later in the week. The remaining three people involved in the crash are expected to survive. 

At this time, the police have said that no charges have been filed against 18-year-old Torres or anyone else involved in the accident.

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