“Mom! A car just ran into our house,” exclaimed an 11-year-old boy on May 16. Via Fox5Atlanta.

Elizabeth Caughey couldn’t believe what her son was saying, until she saw the vehicle adjoining the abode. The car skidded off the road that many have flagged as extremely unsafe.

“It’s terrifying. People tend to go way too fast. And there’s a curve right behind me that’s very dangerous, especially when it’s raining,” Caughey said. Via Fox5Atlanta.

Residents of Northeast Atlanta are all too familiar with the curve along Johnson Road near Meadowdale Avenue, and it’s not for the best of reasons. The stretch has seen multiple accidents take place over the years, leaving individuals with harrowing memories.

Caughey and other parents are worried that their children will be involved in an accident, rather than just bearing witness to one.

“Two to three accidents a year at this point,” said Natalie Castillejos. “Just being able to feel comfortable with the kids out in the front yard or collecting the mail, just dangerous all around.” Via  Fox5Atlanta.

A proposed solution

Residents are now looking for the city to take swift action to help remedy the problem. Stop signs, traffic lights and speed bumps are all being proposed to force drivers to slow down when coming around the bend. One person also suggested a roundabout as an alternative.

It appears as if the requests for help are going to be too loud for the city to ignore for much longer, as social media footage of several accidents along the curve is being circulated. Videos of vehicles careening into homes, and flipping over into trees are resonating with the public.

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