Collisions often occur quickly, but many people who have witnessed a crash say it feels like it’s unfolding in slow motion. Those who watched the accident take place at 4451 Lawrenceville Highway during the evening of July 29 might know that exact sickening feeling.

Two cars were involved in the crash on the busy DeKalb County Road, involving a combined six people. Two people were reported to be trapped inside their vehicle, while one person was found in critical condition. 

The investigation regarding how this came to be remains ongoing, but the situation involving the two entrapped individuals during the aftermath of the crash must have been chilling. Precious seconds tick away as DeKalb County Fire and Rescue personnel descend onto the scene and try to figure out how to go about getting them out. 

Quick thinking followed by precise action must be taken to extract them from the distressed vehicle, all while the injured party is carefully removed from the wreckage. It really is remarkable to consider that our city’s first responders can process all of this information so rapidly in order to determine the correct course of action.

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