While it isn’t always the most emotionally uplifting, part of our job at Rafi Law Firm is to keep tabs on accidents that happen on the road. Some of them involve minor scrapes and bruises, while others result in the death of beloved members of our community.

We’re committed to keeping our finger on the pulse of the area, even if that means unearthing somber stories that take place during the holiday season. This includes the loss of a senior citizen that occurred on December 28, right as everyone was preparing for the new year.

71 year-old Larry Blash of Macon, Georgia was walking that evening, when he attempted to cross Emery Highway. Simultaneously, a Chevy pickup truck driven by a 44 year-old man was heading west on the roadway, and struck Blash while in the right lane of the street. 

“It was reported that Blash had stepped into the roadway in front of the pickup,” said a release from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. Via 41NBC.com

While we cannot confirm for sure, this makes it seem as if Blash appeared on the roadway while the Chevy had the right of way. These are details that we will look to verify in the coming days.

Shortly after the incident, Blash was pronounced dead at the scene by Deputy Coroner Ronnie Miley. 

Pedestrian deaths have been a problem for the state in recent years, as numbers have continued to increase according to studies. There’s not one particular reason to point to for this, as some would cite speeding, lack of crosswalk infrastructure and poor decision making as valid reasons as to why this continues to happen in the state.

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