Winter can exacerbate the problems that drivers face throughout the regular course of the year, and present some specific difficulties that make traversing roads treacherous.

The community “witnessed” an example of that on the morning of January 24. Black ice, which of course is virtually impossible to see coming, was the cause of at least 10 accidents at the intersection of Briarcliff Road and Clairmont Road during that time period. 

Thankfully, reports have not indicated that any serious injuries were suffered as a result of the invisible condition. 

It’s a difficult situation, as authorities and drivers alike are going to have a tough time dealing with something that isn’t in plain sight to the naked eye. Police believe that some water may have matriculated on to the intersection from a construction site in the area, although that supposition has not yet been verified.

In order to fix the problem, The Georgia Department of Transportation sent personnel to the affected location. The area had been briefly closed off after the unusually high number of accidents in a very short period of time.

Leading into the morning commute, temperatures dropped below freezing, which logically contributed to the presence of black ice.

Throughout the course of the next couple of months, it’s going to be interesting to see how the state deals with this issue in order to keep our community safe.

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