24-year-old Thomas Milner and his family visited Lake Lanier on July 27. Unfortunately, the day ended in despair.

Milner plunged into the lake near Lanier Beach South Road, but did not emerge from the water in good health. He was electrocuted while he was in the lake, and those present knew that he was in trouble almost immediately.

A family friend tried to reach Milner with a ladder, but these efforts were not successful. Neighbors took a boat to Milner’s location in the water, and a man on that rescue vessel jumped into the water to assist.

That man felt his body burning while he was in the water, and swiftly swam to shore. He turned off the power box, and then went back into the lake to pull Milner out.

Milner’s uncle tried to save his nephew until medical assistance arrived. The young man was eventually transported to Northside Forsyth Hospital, but was not able to be revived.

It’s a pretty depressing situation that took place in a setting that many of us are accustomed to this time of year. It’s unnerving to think about what could await us when we jump into the water on a summer day. 

The investigation remains ongoing, and it’ll be interesting to see how the water became so charged on that fateful day.

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